About this Website

At this website I will  write about things that I make and also about random stuff.

About Hukamukachan


Welcome to!!!  Hukamukachan can mean any noun.

About Water Glue


Water glue is awesome! To use water glue you dip paper into it and touch the glue side to another peace of paper. If you get any of it on your hands it will not stick to you or the surface you are working on. Don't use it on anything but paper or it won't work!
This is how you make it.
1. Get Elmer's Glue, crayons, paper, water, and a cup.
2. Fill the cup up 9/16s of the way with water.
3. Squirt glue into the cup until it is about 11/16s full.
4. Put 3 tiny pieces of crayon wax into the cup.
5. Put 3 tiny pieces of paper into the cup.
6. Stir it around with a strip of paper for 5 minutes.

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